Contact Teladoc Health for technical support by scrolling down and selecting the contact information for your country.



For Canada users, contact your account administrator or your organization’s help desk instead.



For live technical support, call the number listed for your country. If you’re in a country that isn’t listed, call the United States number: 1-877-484-9119. We’re available 24/7.


Brazil: 1-800-891-3344

Canada: Call your account administrator or help desk.

Germany: 1-800-181-8500

Greece: 1-800-325-2745

Puerto Rico: 1-855-202-6108

United Kingdom: 1-800-031-8276


Email (outside of Canada)

The support email address for Teladoc Health users outside of the U.S., excluding Canada, is


Sales and product demos

Schedule a sales or product demo by calling Teladoc Health from anywhere at 1-805-562-8686

Main office

InTouch Health is now part of Teladoc Health, located at:

7402 Hollister Avenue

Goleta, CA 93117